• Aldo Pepe was born in Salerno.


• Following in the footsteps of his father, a painter, Aldo , from childhood, develops his own style of pictorial art, studying techniques, colours and themes of the most prominent artists  and  practising, like the great names of the past, in his father’s workshop.  The experience  is  one of  fundamental importance because, despite never attending an academic course or finishing his degree in law at university, it leads him to develop and construct, as a young man, a remarkable artistic ability, both technical and chromatic.


• On the occasion of the solo exhibition in 1976 at the gallery ”La Boite” in Salerno, the art critic Renato Agosto  wrote: “ the artist is certainly to be counted among that group of young,  intelligent and talented painters whose intent is not only to enhance the optical appearance of the palette but also to study in depth even the most problematic aspect of art…”


• His first solo exhibition is in 1971 at the Sala Comunale delle Esposizioni, (Municipal Exhibition Hall),Nocera Inferiore (SA) at the invitation of  the city council.


• In 1974 he participates “Premio Internazionale di Pittura” in the “Premio Internazionale di Pittura” (International Painting Award) at Acerno (SA) with two significant works “l’Orfanello” (The Orphan) and  “Perchè la Guerra?” (Why War?) – inspired by the war in Vietnam, the latter takes third place and paves the way to a succession of other solo exhibitions.


• In 1978 Aldo realizes his dream and founds the Centro d’Arte Culturale  (Cultural Arts Centre) “Il Varo”: a school-gallery where artists can meet, share ideas, discuss and, above all exhibit (considering the difficulties of the market) their paintings.  Il Varo opens its doors in May 1978 and is inaugurated by  a group exhibition of young artists.


• This experience, one of fervour and excitement in the early years, brings about the twinning of “Il Varo” with the gallery “Il Gabbiano” in Florence.   Here in 1980 Aldo Pepe exhibits,  together with two artist friends,  some of the most important works of the period (such as “Il Sacrificio di Vincenzo Giudice”- The Sacrifice of Vincenzo Giudice  – commemorating the courage of the maresciallo (warrant officer) of the Revenue Guard Corps  and “L’Origine della Vita…).  The critic Fabrizio Biasizzo comments thus:”…. We cannot but admire him for the stubbornness of a personal style …. In his later works there is a pictorial synthesis  hard to find even in established painters of national acclaim” (From ”Pan Arte” – Florence –  Magazine of art, literature and tourism).
Participation in the small Florentine group  comes to an end with the presentation of a joint work – the serigraphic  folder entitled “Vittimazione” (published by  “Il Varo”)  about which the art critic Antonio  Uliano writes:  “ it seems to me that in his working of planes and forms, this man, so verbally sparing,  unleashes a dialectical force through the subjects ….”


• In 1982 Aldo Pepe moves to Milan  with a feeling of bitterness on account of problems  relating to “Il Varo” that lead to its closure.  Thus ends a much sought after and meaningful experience that is, however, compensated by the pressing need to make challenging choices.
Overcoming the difficulties of the early years and adjusting to the new environment  enable Aldo to give a new stamp to his painting.  He exhibits his works in two solo shows: the first in 1991, at the exhibition hall “Cento  Firme”,Lissone, the second, in 1992 with the influential participation of the critic Renato Tomasina who writes:”  Pepe  paints with the means of the most rigorous and orthodox  artists …. leaves, glimpses of a magical sky , ancient walls, evocative corners are ……almost revealed in their innermost essence ………. he is a poet,  a solitary promeneur…..


• In 1997 begins the “Metamorfosi” (Metamorphosis) cycle in which emerges “ The need to express himself with a symbol, the butterfly, that  evokes existential  dualism  in every appearance and  in its substance, or  rather that which contrasts, as human condemnation,  beauty and fragility….” (Enzo  Dall’Ara,  journalist and art critic, Forli).


• The new paintings are shown for the first time at the Teatrino  Villa d’Adda Borromeo, Arcore,  in a solo exhibition dedicated to his recently deceased father.  The works are then  exhibited for many years to follow in group and solo shows such as the ones held at Caprino Veronese (VR), Palazzo dei  Capitani (Ascoli Piceno),  the Mistral hall at the Radisson, Nice (France) ,Palazzo dei Priori Assisi, Javits Convention Center (New York – Manhattan etc).


• In 2005 Aldo departs from the “Metamorfosi” period, creating highly expressive and involving  pictures with new chromatic tonalities.  He  “goes beyond” (“Va Oltre”), like the name  of the work that represents his new artistic turning point;  there is  “…. A suspended intimacy…. A silence which is not solitude …..this painter  makes us enter on tiptoe into the world of his creatures and a simple daily gesture, such as how to tie a small shoe, creates an atmosphere charged with suspense…”  (Elisabetta  Parente, art historian,  the “Paesaggi  Interiori” (Interior Landscapes)   exhibition, Villa Tittoni Traversi, Desio October 2007).


• After the success of the exhibition  at Desio,  Aldo is contacted by the architect Fiorenzo  Barindelli who invites him to become part of the group of artists of the project “Mille Artisti a Palazzo (a Thousand Artists at the Palace).


• In March 2009 Aldo takes part in the exhibition “Mille Artisti a Palazzo”, a show bringing together about   1,200 artists of the international art scene of the first decade of the third millennium; curator of the exhibition and catalogue, published by Mondadori, is the art critic Luciano Caramel.


• In 2008 the cultural association “Con gli Amici  nell’Arte” ( With Friends in Art)  is  created  with  the purpose of supporting and promoting the works of Aldo Pepe.


• For Aldo the association represents  the revival of a past project  (the Art Centre “Il Varo”) but with different principles and aims:  this time the group of “Friends”  revolves around him and his painting,  various art forms work together thanks to the ”Friends’” and their capacities, especially in the cultural field;  the “Friends” move around Aldo’s Art Project , some in a direct and active way, others  offer support, but everyone is involved in art and the art of Aldo Pepe.


• In fact  the participation in the “Kermesse” exhibition at Cesano  Maderno  represents the first “event” organized and supervised by the cultural association “Con gli Amici nell’Arte”.


• In the years 2008/2009 Aldo  works on  “The Project of Time” divided into three segments: past, present and future.


• In November 2009 he competes with “Il Tempo dell ’Attesa” (the Time of Waiting”) In the Forli Contemporary Art  Exhibition – X111 edition  of Modern and Contemporary Art.


• In December 2009 the exhibition space  of the Association  houses  the first  part of  “The Project  of Time”; the work entitled  “The Hands of Time”, published in the catalogue CAM number 45 –  Italian Artists from the early Twentieth century to the present day –   Giorgio Mondadori.


• In May 2010 the Association  presents,  in its exhibition space,  the second segment”  L’Urlo”  (The Scream) and in December 2010, the  third  and final segment “Il Tempo dell’Attesa” (The Time of Waiting).


• In  February/March 2011  Aldo participates with “The Scream” in the  “ArtistinMostra”, the well-known  fair for the  creators of  modern and  contemporary art held in Parma.   The  work  is  a segment of the project consisting of  five oils on canvas 100 x 100 cm and an installation created with recycled materials:  paper, cardboard, polystyrene. The “Friend” Diego Catalano also contributes to its completion.


• The work “L’Urlo Liberatorio” (The Liberating Scream)  is published  in the  Catalogue  “ArtistinMostra”2011 edition, page  177;  the personal copy  of Aldo is autographed by the critic Philippe Daverio.


• Aldo is widely acclaimed by the public at the event and is among  the ten finalists for the award.


• In 2011 appears  the second volume of “Art and Literature”   entirely dedicated to the works of Aldo Pepe and compiled by the Professor and art critic, Gabriella Pepe.


• In 2012, Professor Pepe publishes “Vento Poetico” (Poetic Wind) and the painting  of Aldo Pepe  a collection of poems inspired by Aldo’s paintings.


• In 2013, the Association’s exhibition space  holds the show “La Maschera  Dismessa”  (the Discarded Mask) a new cycle of the artists paintings, six oil paintings on canvas 100 x 100 cm.